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Level 4—Applied Dimensional Metrology

Level 4 Sample PagesThis course is for those who require a greater understanding of the state of technology in measurement systems used for the measurement of components and assemblies dimensioned and toleranced per the ASME Y14.5 standards from an advanced applications and analysis perspective. Specifiers of engineering requirements as well as specifiers of manufacturing processes and measurement applications will greatly benefit. Machinists, toolmakers, designers, senior inspectors, senior technicians and engineers (all levels).

Applied Dimensional Metrology is an ideal learning tool to build on your GD&T knowledgebase. Can you measure that callout? Do you have the correct measuring device? Classes are limited only three left in 2011. Register early to ensure your place in this informative seminar.

Seminar Series 
IIGDT has added several new dates for the informative GD&T Series!
IIGDT has developed the simplified GD&T Series built upon years of proven experience in training new users in the fundamental to advanced topics. Whether you are new, or an experienced user of GD&T, there is a Seminar level designed for you.
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IIGDT Seminars
Level 1 Mechanical Drawing Interpretation
Level 2 GD&T Introduction & Fundamental Principles
Level 3 GD&T Advanced Applications & Analysis  
Level 4 Applied Dimensional Metrology
Level 5 GD&T Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis

Precision GD&T “Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis 
Just released! IIGDT has published the Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis manual in support of Level 5 Seminar.

The Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis manual provides a foundation for optimization techniques using multiple analytical methods and tolerance analysis techniques to a wide variety of components and sub-assemblies .

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