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Training Aids
IIGDT Precision Ground Flatstones Precision Ground Flatstones

In grinding there are inevitable variations in the finish which occur due to many factors such as feed rate, spindle speed and machine tool stiffness. A flatstone can help redure the effects of these variations by blunting the highest peaks. In other words, a flatstone can microfinish a precision-ground surface.

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 Part No: GF-5
 Price: $500.00 
Training Aids
GD&T Chart per ASME Y14.5M-2009 GD&T Chart per ASME Y14.5M-2009

The GD&T Chart illustrates the geometric symbols referenced in the ASME Y14.5M-2009 Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

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 Part No: 2002-1 
 Price: $12.00 

GD&T Font  GD&T Font™ Set "Version 4"

IIGDT/CyberMetrics GD&T Font is a professionally designed, affordably priced font developed for creating ANSI/ASME/ISO GD&T symbols and feature control frames. You can even create composite feature control frames—and QS-9000 critical characteristics and safety symbols.

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Introduction to Mechanical Drawings Introduction to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T Manual

The Introduction to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T Manual should be a basic companion in every toolbox. Designed to strengthen your knowledge of blueprint interpretations.

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Part No: 2020 
Price: $35.00

Precision GD&T “Introduction & Fundamental Principles”  GD&T - Intermediate Principles Manual

The GD&T - Intermediate Principles Manual provides the foundation to a better understanding and interpretation of GD&T principles. This manual is a precursor to the GD&T - Advanced Applications course.

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Part No: 2021 
Price: $55.00

Precision GD&T “Advanced Applications & Analysis”  GD&T - Advanced Applications Manual

The GD&T - Advanced Applications Manual builds on the foundation provided in GD&T - Intermediate Principles. Adding analysis of the interpretation of GD&T commonly found in industry.

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Part No: 2022 
Price: $70.00

Precision GD&T “Fundamental Principles to Advanced Applications & Analysis”  GD&T – Intermediate Principles to
Advanced Applications Manual

This product combines GD&T - Intermediate Principles and GD&T - Advanced Applications into one concise manual.

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Part No: 2023 
Price: $95.00

Precision GD&T “Tolerancing Optimization" 

GD&T - Tolerancing Optimization Manual

The GD&T - Tolerancing Optimization manual provides a foundation for optimization techniques using multiple analytical methods and tolerance analysis techniques to a wide variety of components and sub-assemblies.

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Part No: 2033 
Price: $105.00