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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
8-Tracks to GD&T Expertise Seminar Series
Seminar Overview

IIGDT has developed a multi-step Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Seminar Series built upon years of proven experience in training new users in the fundamental to advanced topics of GD&T. Whether you are new, or an experienced user of GD&T, there is a Seminar level designed for you.

Seminar Series:


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Dr. HetlandSimplified Approach...

Dr. Hetland has developed a proven and simplified approach to GD&T training, allowing new users to understand the fundamental to advanced topics in an accelerated time frame.

Training with VisualsVisual Comprehension...

Training is enhanced through the use of proven visual aids, bringing the word to life through examples.

Dr. Hetland makes extensive use of interactive chart drawings during the classroom time to answer and expand on questions from students.

CertificateEvery student goes away with a deeper understanding of GD&T, whether experiencing it for the first time, or as an old hand.

Dr. Hetland's involvement with your training does not stop with the end of the class and the handing out of your certificate, but continues every day with the new knowledge you will carry forward into your daily mission-critical decisions.