Creo Bridge

* Optional Enhancement to EVOLVE Design

  • Creo Bridge establishes a connection between PTC Creo and EVOLVE Design in order to
    transfer data back and forth between the two software packages.
  • EVOLVE Design can load the CAD model and all the annotations (PMI) from the active
    window of Creo with 1 single click.
  • GD&T tolerances can be verified and changes/corrections can be applied inside EVOLVE Design using the GD&T Proofing panel and other useful tools.
  • Changes can be sent back to Creo anytime.

How to setup/use Creo Bridge?

  1. Run PTC Creo (versions 4 to 8 are supported)
  2. Load a part in Creo (if more than one part is opened in Creo, then the part in the “Active” window will be transferred)
  3. Run EVOLVE Design
  4. Click “Get CAD+PMI from CAD software” in order to load the CAD model and all the annotations (PMI) into EVOLVE Design
  5. Make changes and corrections inside EVOLVE Design based on Proofing messages and other tools
  6. Click “Send PMI to CAD software” in order to send back all the changes from EVOLVE Design to Creo

Improved annotation handling

  • Improved annotation handling in order to display annotations and named views exactly as they are visible in the CAD software/QIF files.
  • Redesigned Views and Filters panels to support the new annotation handling.