International Institute of
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
October 2010   Edition 2010.7

GD&T Seminar Series

October 18-22, Santa Clara, CA
November 1-5, Plymouth, MN

GD&T Seminars
GD&T Seminar Series, click here for Seminar Home page

IIGDT has developed a simplified GD&T Series built upon years of proven experience in training new users in the fundamental to advanced topics. Whether you are new, or an experienced user of GD&T, there is a Seminar level designed for you.

Click here to visit the GD&T Seminar home page 

IIGDT Seminars
IIGDT offers 6 levels of training courses to suite your business requirements. These are:
Level 1 Blueprint Reading 
Level 2 Precision GD&T:
Introduction & Fundamental Principles  
Level 3  Precision GD&T:
Advanced Applications & Analysis  
Level 4  Applied Dimensional Metrology  
Level 5  Tolerance Optimization & Analysis  
 A complete overview can be found here.
To see our complete schedule please visit the Seminar page, click here:
Seminar Schedule
GDT Font v4
Professionally designed and affordably priced font developed for creating ANSI/ASME/ISO GD&T symbols and feature control frames. You can even create composite feature control frames—and QS-9000 critical characteristics and safety symbols.
GD&T Font
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