IIGDT Newsletter March 2024
Are Machinists & Inspectors Truly Measuring Size Correctly?
Do you have machinsts that feel they produce holes in parts correctly to engineering requirements but the inspectors provides feedback to the machinist, in the form of a reject tag, that the part does not conform? Is it possible they’re making completely different measurements and providing completely different results, yet both confident the measurements they’re taking are correct? The only thing they might be confident in is that their respective measurement results are repeatably and reproducibly different, both without truly knowing if their individual results conform to the engineering standard the drawing states compliance to? For example, does the engineering drawing state “Unless Otherwise Specified Dimensioning & Tolerancing per ASME Y14.5-2009, 0r ASME Y14.5-2018? If so then neither the machinist or inspector might be measuring the simple hole correctly.

This single topic of simply measuring the size of a hole can get complex...

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IIGDT Seminar Series : May-November 2024

Seminar Locations
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
May 6-10, 2024 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
August 5-9, 2024 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
November 4-8, 2024 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications

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SmartProfile takes point clouds from part measurements performed on any measurement system, merges the points with the nominal CAD model of the part, and automatically and simultaneously evaluates the GD&T. SmartProfile is fully compliant with each of the three user-selectable tolerance standards: ASME Y14.5-1994, ASME Y14.5-2009, ASME Y14.5-2018 or ISO 1101.

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