IIGDT World International Institute of
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Level 1
Introduction to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
Course Outline

Course Objective

To understand 2D & 3D graphical representation of a mechanical drawing or mechanical sketches which includes multiple views, symbols and other drawing details.

Course Length 1 Day (8-hours)
What You Will Learn Background to Engineering Drawing Development
Overview of Related Engineering Standards
Review of Applicable Terms and Definitions
Evaluation of Engineering Drawing Components
  • Line Types
  • Dimensions (baseline, chainline, coordinate, basic and reference)
  • Tolerances (linear, angular, bilateral, unilateral)
  • Symbols
  • Border
  • Title Block
  • Revision Block
  • Notes (general & specific)
  Review of Basic Drafting Conventions
  • Third Angle Projection -vs- First Angle Projection
  • Isometric Views
  • Orthographic Views
  • Section Views
  • Detail Views
  Evaluation of Generic Sample Part
Multiple Exercises to Reinforce Views, Projections and Drafting Practices
Introduction to GD&T
  • Overview of 14 symbols
  • Introduction to datums
  • Transformation of Linear Tolerancing to Position & Profile
Who Should Attend Any individual, including engineering and non-engineering managers who participate in design reviews or technical meetings within the company or with mechanical component and assembly suppliers. Any individual who needs to understand 2D & 3D graphical representation of engineering drawings and sketches. Non mechanical engineers (electrical, chemical, industrial, regulatory, etc.), machine/equipment operators and technicians, assembly personnel, administrative assistants to technical groups, technical sales and purchasing representatives who deal with mechanical components and assemblies.
Prerequisites None
  The Introduction to Mechanical Drawings Course Outline is available in PDF format.

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Example Graphics from Course Practice Part Isometric & Orthographic Views
Practice Part Isometric & Orthographic Views
  Section & Detail Views Stated Tolerances
  Section & Detail Views Stated Tolerances
  Third Angle Projection Profile Tolerancing
  Third Angle Projection Exercise Profile Tolerancing Controls Simple and Complex Geometries
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