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University IconIIGDT understands this same philosophy can easily be applied throughout the company. Every company has departments that depend on each other to make the end product a success. When each department is on a different page, or sometimes even a different book altogether, it becomes impossible to create a high quality, properly functioning piece of equipment. The bottom line is dependent on everyone speaking, and more importantly understanding, the same language. This is the motivation behind Dr. Hetland's 8 Tracks to GD&T Expertise. His series of trainings removes any ambiguities your process chain may have. Once everyone has a full understanding of GD&T, your team will create products as intended, saving your company time and money while providing customer satisfaction.

IIGDT Seminar Series: August - November 2017
Seminar Locations
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
August 7-11, 2017 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications
Santa Clara, CA Executive Overview
August 14-17, 2017 Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
  GD&T—Intermediate Principles
Portland, OR Executive Overview
October 2-5, 2017 Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
  GD&T—Intermediate Principles
Minneapolis, MN GD&T—Tolerance Optimization
October 16-17, 2017  
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
November 6-10, 2017 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications

If you would like to host a Seminar Series within your community or your company, please contact Dr. Greg Hetland for more information.

For our full schedule, visit our GD&T Seminar Schedule Page!

Coming soon! IIGDT ASME Y14.5-2009 Font

IIGDT is in the final stages of developing a new font supporting ASME Y14.5-2009. Fully supports composite and multi-segment Feature Control Frames.

Uequally Disposed Profile
Statistical Tolerance
Moveable Datum Targets and Datum Targets both includes predefined popular target sizes and datums.


Do you have the tools you need?

IIGDT offers many training tools to assist in your professional growth. Reference Manuals that are well written to clarify the intent of the standards as they relate to GD&T. Training models designed to provide clear and unambiguous definitions of form and fit and even models that clearly demonstrate the building of Datum Frame References.

Next to your toolbox and your ASME Y14.5 standard should be the IIGDT series of training manuals.

IIGDT Manuals

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