IIGDT Newsletter February 2017

"Precision GD&T" as the Basis for Supporting
“Engineering Economics”

In Dr. Hetland’s opinion, 80%+ of all mechanical discrete part engineering drawings, "do not" optimally reflect design / functional intent clearly. The magnitude of this statement translates into multiple billions, possibly even trillions of dollars each year lost in potential profit and progress throughout industry. The specific problem lies in the global lack of advanced understanding of this engineering language used by the majority of all technical disciplines.

Dr. Hetland’s analysis to date indicates the magnitude of these negative cost implications indicate up to $0.40 per dollar of current operational costs. However, the educational and project deployment “investment” required to achieve optimum efficiency levels is surprisingly less than 10% of a company’s current loss.

With the current state of financial challenges and economic down-turn in workforce, companies are faced with even greater technical challenges and increased demand for mechanical devices and assemblies with higher sophistication in function at unprecedented expectations of price reduction. This compound demand is complicated by ongoing feature tolerance truncation, thus the functional variation (tolerance) allowed by the designer to all supporting technical disciplines/departments continually decreases. The magnitude of these impacts are compounded even more due to the majority of individuals in all supporting technical disciplines "not trained" to the degree necessary to fully understand the true scope of tolerance definition as specified by the designer, nor the critical implications of feature classifications and tolerances in their particular arena.

Business benefits to support decisions to “invest” into aggressive GD&T training are: higher profit margins by increasing capabilities, competencies and efficiencies; increased yield and reduced scrap/rejects by greater ability to predict and control processes; fewer misunderstandings and production delays by increased confidence levels which is a direct result of skills enhancement; and increased recognition for total customer satisfaction, thus greater opportunity for larger market share.

Dr. Hetland continues his observations of companies suffering unnecessary financial loss and recommends to companies to launch strategic training initiatives in the area of Precision GD&T to achieve the maximum return on their investment. For information, contact Dr. Hetland directly at greg-hetland@iigdt.com.

The International Institute of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (IIGDT), a Minnesota based company, is the leading developer and provider of “Precision Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing” (Precision GD&T) courses, materials and consulting services, internationally recognized for quality and providing global industrial value.

Dr. Greg Hetland is the Founder and President of the IIGDT and is a recognized leader in the dimensional tolerancing and physical metrology fields. His 40+ years of industrial experience spans the aerospace, defense, disc-drive, medical and commercial industries as an engineer, manager, consultant, educator and author.

This foundational knowledge, combined with years of direct training, has provided Dr. Hetland with visionary insight towards global simplification methods. His proven and “simplified approach” to GD&T training allows both new and even the most experienced GD&T users to fully understand the fundamentals to advanced principles in an accelerated time frame

IIGDT Seminar Series : February - May 2017
Minnesota Seminar Locations
Santa Clara, CA Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
April 3-7, 2017 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  Introduction to Dimensional Metrology
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
May 8-12, 2017 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications
Portland, OR Executive Overview
June 5-8, 2017 Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
  GD&T—Intermediate Principles
Minneapolis, MN GD&T—Tolerance Optimization
June 12-13, 2017  

If you would like to host a Seminar Series within your community or your company, please contact Dr. Greg Hetland for more information.

For our full schedule, visit our GD&T Seminar Schedule Page!

Do you have the tools you need?

IIGDT offers many training tools to assist in your professional growth. Reference Manuals that are well written to clarify the intent of the standards as they relate to GD&T. Training models are being developed and will be offered soon to aid in enhanced visualization of functional datum simulators and boundaries.

Next to your toolbox and your ASME Y14.5 standard should be the IIGDT series of training manuals.

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