IIGDT Newsletter December 2017
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It is well known that multidisciplinary teams bring products to market quicker and more efficiently. But what if the individual team members came from different countries or different backgrounds and all spoke a different language? One word comes to mind – chaos!

The same can be said of product development teams communicating design intent. When each team member views design intent differently due to gaps in knowledge and interpretation of GD&T - chaos ensues!

Most managers at all levels have lacked a core understanding of the business implications these subjects have on product development timelines, product reliability/risk and supplier/customer interactions. The incorrect assumption by most managers is that all of their applicable employees have the necessary skill sets to adequately perform their job tasks at an adequate level. The key question to all managers should be "where and how would their employees have acquired these fundamental skill sets?" GD&T and measurement are not subjects taught at most universities and colleges and are not focus subjects in mechanical engineering (ME) programs. At best the ME is barely introduced to GD&T and even less on measurement. If the ME is not getting adequately trained in these areas then where and how are the remaining disciplines being adequately trained (technicians, tool makers, drafters, designers, quality, statisticians, etc)?

When design intent is clearly communicated products come to market faster and more profitably. Only a cross functional training model can bridge the communication gap between management, R&D and commercialization. Once adopted and spoken by the entire organization GD&T will revolutionize how your teams communicate. Solution = Effective GD&T Training at all Levels!

IIGDT Minnesota Seminar Series - February 2018
Minnesota Seminar Locations
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
February 5-9, 2018 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications
Santa Clara, CA Measurement Uncertainty
February 12-15, 2018 GD&T—Tolerancing Optimization
Beaverton, OR Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
February 19-23, 2018 GD&T—Intermediate Principles
  GD&T—Advanced Applications

If you would like to host a Seminar Series within your community or your company, please contact Dr. Greg Hetland for more information.

For our full schedule, visit our GD&T Seminar Schedule Page!

Do you have the tools you need?

IIGDT offers many training tools to assist in your professional growth. Reference Manuals that are well written to clarify the intent of the standards as they relate to GD&T. Training models are being developed and will be offered soon to aid in enhanced visualization of functional datum simulators and boundaries.

Next to your toolbox and your ASME Y14.5 standard should be the IIGDT series of training manuals.

IIGDT Manuals

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