IIGDT January 2013 Newsletter
Delivering your budget

The New Year is now here and your company is expanding its capabilities to cover a new project. Your boss is happy that planning is completed and the budget is completed…on time even. That new CNC, Laser Welder and MRP Software System will be installed soon, and then training will follow. Yes it is all going so well.

Why should you be concerned? Something is just not right…

We will stock a tool room with everything needed for the project, but how do you know the proper class of tools will be bought? Did we check the tolerance stack-ups to determine the best tool for the proper outcome? How about that fancy new CMM with the latest software? Did you know that the CMM Metrology Software is more complicated than CAD/CAM software? Why should you be concerned, there is no budgeted training!

Too often we limit the budget and the success of the project by leaving out the most important tool we have. GD&T Training.

Remember that song we use to sing growing up?

  • The toe bone connected to the heel bone
  • The heel bone connected to the foot bone
  • The foot bone connected to the leg bone…..

Pretty catchy tune. Growing up we never thought this also was a road map to our success in business.

  • The Engineer is connected to...Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing is connected to...Purchasing
  • Purchasing is connected to the...Tool Room
  • Tool Room is connected to...Quality Control…..

If everyone is not speaking the same GD&T language we end up singing out-of-tune and it just does not work. Let's look at that budget again and look for the weak links in training. IIGDT can be a solid contributor through on-site consulting and company wide seminars for all your employees.

IIGDT Stateside Seminar Series - February 2013
Minnesota Seminar Locations
Minneapolis, MN Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
February 11-10 GD&T Intermediate Principles
  GD&T Advanced Applications

If you would like to host a Seminar Series within your community or your company, please contact Dr. Greg Hetland for more information.

For our full schedule, visit our GD&T Seminar Schedule Page!

Do you have the tools you need?

IIGDT offers many training tools to assist in your professional growth. Reference Manuals that are well written to clarify the intent of the standards as they relate to GD&T. Training models designed to provide clear and unambiguous definitions of form and fit and even models that clearly demonstrate the building of Datum Frame References.

Next to your toolbox and your ASME Y14.5 standard should be the IIGDT "Precision" series of training manuals.

IIGDT Manuals

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