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Leadership starts at the Executive Level

Understanding business implications starts at the executive level and driving leadership practices must be embraced and led by example.

Understanding the proper interpretation or intent of GD&T is not equally shared in all disciplines of the process chain. This starts at management and moves down through design, engineering, manufacturing to inspection. We all assume we know GD&T, but the doors of knowledge are closed through non-participation and assumptions.

8-TracksToday our education system fails to address this important aspect of the full system. Many engineers come out of school knowing how to use the latest software and tools, but not the fundamental knowledge GD&T addresses.

Education in manufacturing no longer addresses GD&T period: Inspectors often take a quick one-day course and they are expected to be masters of the GD&T universe: Very disheartening.

When the entire process incorporates a full understanding of GD&T your engineering design group specs products that can be manufactured, assembled and inspected as intended. There will be no ambiguity only true clarity.

8-TracksThe benefit is increased quality, reduced manufacturing costs and most important, providing the customer a product to be proud of.

IIGDT has developed a training track to address weak points in the process chain. We call it Eight tracks to GD&T expertise. IIGDT has developed a relationship chart showing by job responsibility the recommended level of training provided (click on the chart at the right to see full size).

Eight Tracks to GD&T Expertise by Department & Job Function

Each track is designed to aid all management levels in determining which GD&T and measurement courses are essential for each technical and non-technical discipline including managers and executives.

These tracks form an educational path based on the business function you are involved in. Not all of the tracks apply to all of the job functions and no job function has all eight tracks. Each track is made up of one or more courses that are intended to define the minimum level of expertise a particular job function needs to optimally perform their job.

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Individuals that require more in-depth knowledge on this topic along with other insight to the ASME Y14.5 standards are encouraged to take Dr. Hetland's GD&T Intermediate & Advanced classes, which are offered as public seminars or can be taught directly at your company. One of the most significant benefits of doing the training at your facility is that it allows the utilization of company specific drawings.

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