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8 Tracks
Targeted Training for your Job Responsibility
Dr. Hetland IIGDT has developed a training track to address weak points in the process chain. We call it Eight tracks to GD&T expertise. These tracks are individualized by job responsibility and designed around your business. Each training session is delivered on-site within your facility for maximum inclusion for your associates.

Understanding the proper interpretation or intent of GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) is not equally shared in all disciplines of the process chain. This starts at management and moves down through design, engineering, manufacturing to inspection. We all assume we know GD&T, but the doors of knowledge are closed through non-participation and assumptions.

Education in manufacturing no longer addresses GD&T period: Inspectors often take a quick one-day course and they are expected to be masters of the GD&T universe: Very disheartening.

When the entire process incorporates a full understanding of GD&T your engineering design group specs products that can be manufactured, assembled and inspected as intended. There will be no ambiguity only true clarity.

Let's open all the doors of the process chain and teach everyone to speak the same language.

Eight Tracks to GD&T Expertise
Technical and business challenges are being influenced by tighter mechanical design tolerances, which is highlighting the critical need for higher precision and confidence in mechanical design specifications and awareness of implications to manufacturing and metrology at all levels. Minimal GD&T knowledge from engineering schools/colleges have exacerbated the much needed foundation in this field for organizations.

The following information was put together to aid all management levels in determining which GD&T  and measurement courses are essential for each technical and non-technical discipline including managers and executives. In addition, the information provided will provide historical information to solidify the rationale for each of the courses and provide future direction to executives/HR personnel to establish the appropriate training progression path and certification guidelines for each of their employees.

The following is a comprehensive approach to mechanical competency in 8 seminars covering all aspects of GD&T. A supporting matrix details applicability of each course and recommended educational tracks to achieve mechanical proficiency by job function.
8 Tracks to GD&T expertise
Eight tracks to GD&T expertise seminar overview.
Number of Tracks Recommended Educational Tracks by Job Function
8 Tracks 8-Tracks to GD&T Expertise Overview View Tracks Booklet
7 Tracks Purchasing and Sourcing View Tracks Booklet
6 Tracks Regulatory and Sales View Tracks Booklet
5 Tracks Design View Tracks Booklet
6 Tracks Manufacturing View Tracks Booklet
6 Tracks Toolroom View Tracks Booklet
6 Tracks Quality and Measurement View Tracks Booklet
Please visit each job responsibility track listed above to read detailed information including recommended Seminars, Motivation & Historical Challenges.