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In 2012 IIGDT has several open seats remaining in regional Public Training Seminars in California, Minnesota and North Dakota. Take advantage of these training programs for you, your employees and suppliers. When everyone speaks the same GD&T language, your product quality, cost efficiency and conflict resolution both improve.

Minneapolis, MN August 6-10 Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T
    GD&T Intermediate Principles
    GD&T Advanced Applications

Santa Clara, CA August 13-17 Executive Overview
    GD&T Intermediate Principles
    GD&T Advanced Applications

Fargo, ND August 30-31 GD&T Intermediate Principles

Minneapolis, MN September 17-18 GD&T—Tol. Optimization & Analysis

These courses are the foundation to understanding and implementing GD&T throughout the job function starting with design through acceptance in inspection. Add to that the importance of manufacturing being a new global presence and you can understand the importance of speaking the same GD&T language.

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Does your suppliers GD&T knowledge compliment yours?
Production Chain

Bringing your suppliers into the GD&T fold is a valuable tool for any company that reaches beyond its border for products and services. When everyone in the production chain is speaking GD&T with the same understanding and intent, problems just become easier to identify and correct.

Looking for information on bringing suppliers along through GD&T training or to provide in-house training programs?

Drop us a note requesting information here.

GD&T In-house Training Seminars
Production Chain

IIGDT seminars are taught at companies around the world. To receive a proposal for training at one or more of your facilities, visit our Request Information page.

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