August 2012 Newsletter
	Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis

Today demanding designs push the envelope of understanding the tolerance allowance on complex parts. Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis (TO&A) is an emerging tool used to analyze the uncertainty of tolerance throughout the manufacturing process starting with planning, design, purchasing, assembly and inspection.

TO&A is designed to apply tolerance optimization techniques using multiple analytical methods to a wide variety of components and sub-assemblies, from the very simple to the more complex analysis.

IIGDT has identified tolerance optimization as an important, and often overlooked, step in the design, manuafacturing and conformance evaluation of production.

Join us in this informative course designed for all involved in the design and manufacturing process. While we provide training to our internal manufacturing systems, we must also task vendors that are assigned the responsibility to manufacture components with the same knowledge. Quality is best served during the process not as a by-product through inspections. Bring your vendors up-to-date by inviting them to join you in this informative seminar.

GD&T Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis is held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. See our schedule.

Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis is just one course offered in the suite of GD&T Seminar Series offered by IIGDT. To fully appreciate the impact of GD&T on your process, we suggest making the seminar series a regular tool to train everyone involved in the process.

Visit our uniquely taylored program called Eight Tracks to GD&T Expertise to appreciate the importance of embracing GD&T as a corporate culture. These courses are the foundation to understanding and implementing GD&T throughout the job function starting with design through acceptance in inspection. Add to that the importance of manufacturing being a new global presence and you can understand the importance of speaking the same GD&T language.

Visit our GD&T Seminar Schedule Page!

Does your suppliers GD&T knowledge compliment yours?
Production Chain

Bringing your suppliers into the GD&T fold is a valuable tool for any company that reaches beyond its border for products and services. When everyone in the production chain is speaking GD&T with the same understanding and intent, problems just become easier to identify and correct.

Looking for information on bringing suppliers along through GD&T training or to provide in-house training programs?

Drop us a note requesting information here.
GD&T In-house Training Seminars
Classroom Seminars

IIGDT seminars are taught at companies around the world. To receive a proposal for training at one or more of your facilities, visit our Request Information page.

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