IIGDT Newsletter March 2015
Do you disagree with your customers or suppliers measurement data?

How many times have customers disagreed with measurement results from suppliers or visa-versa? How many of us can relate to parts being rejected that we know still work or parts that are accepted but do not work? If so then the problem could be the CMM software you are using. Is your CMM software capable of analyzing GD&T correctly (specifically Position & Profile simultaneously)?

Ask these questions:

  1. Is your CMM software truly providing results that allow you to determine if the parts measured conform to specification requirements?
  2. Is your CMM software providing optimal results and is considered a value added component to manufacturing for positive process feedback and optimization?
  3. Are you making technical and business decisions off statistical data that is invalid due to measurement data that is less than optimal?

Dr. Hetland feels that SmartProfile is the only GD&T analysis software in the world that proportionately optimizes all “Simultaneous Position and Profile” callouts within their respective tolerances, which means all results will statistically be more capable than historically shown. What this means to manufacturing is that their process capability is better than previously known.

One of the many tremendously valuable capabilities within SmartProfile is that it allows measured points from any brand of CMM to be imported for analysis which is tremendously beneficial to customers and suppliers receiving measurement data from each other and also for any company that has multiple types of CMM’s and multiple software they use on a daily basis. Here is a link to the SmartProfile brochure, which shows the simple 5-step process for using SmartProfile and examples of measurement results analyzed for “proof of compliance” versus analyzed for optimal process feedback.

To gain more in-depth insight to potential limitations within your software and insight to things you should consider for software validation, Dr Hetland wrote an article related to “Software Validation Considerations within Medical Companies” which would apply to any industry. Here is a link to the article in BoneZone, Winter 2009.

Dr. Hetland has supported the ongoing development and optimization of SmartProfile since its inception to mitigate restrictions within CMM software and his personal desire to aid in the development of what he considers the most capable and user-friendly software in the world. Within the last year, Dr. Hetland is gratefully now allowed to sell, train and support SmartProfile directly. IIGDT is now proud to announce the launch of SmartProfile on our website and make it available to all current and future IIGDT customers.


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