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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Business Transformation

  Technology Challenges/Constraints  

Business Challenges/Constraints


Miniaturization & Tolerance Truncation


Industry profit margins are radically low


Cycle-time competing with precision requirements


80% costs related to physical parameters


Traceable artifacts to support tolerance regimes


Tolerances decreasing—bad decisions increasing


Inadequate models for physical parameters


Yield losses too high at all mfg. stages


Customer requirements exceeding state-of-the-art


Acceptance testing and sorting are high cost


Quality Transformation—Formula for Success

  Turn engineering efforts into a science and eliminate redundant and inefficient development initiatives
  Gain a thorough understanding of the constraints & implications to critical functional characteristics
  Utilize this core knowledge to optimize leading-edge processes which will meet or exceed market needs and use to your advantage to determine and optimize vital development needs
  Utilize the Proven Sciences to: “Find the waste… Get rid of it…. Keep it away”

These Transformations Apply To: Design, Product, Tooling, Equipment, Process and Measurement