May 2011 Newsletter
Sponsors of NACMA
Sponsors of NACMA support an important educational and outreach program while networking with hundreds of dimensional metrologists focused on coordinate metrology.

The success of any organization is often determined by the participation of members and sponsors. NACMA has established itself as a premier source for Metrology throughout Mexico, United States and Canada since 1995.

Becoming a sponsor of NACMA, your company joins a respected group of industry leaders not only with metrology companies, but with other industry partners that share a common desire to improve the quality process.

Consider becoming a sponsor of NACMA. Last year at the Minneapolis, MN Workshop and Conference, 22 sponsors attended to discuss their products and experiences to a highly motivated audience. Unlike a public tradeshow, the attendees at a NACMA event are all present to discuss the field of metrology. What better platform to present your companies additions to the metrology field?

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Please pass along this newsletter to the appropriate department for consideration on becoming a NACMA Sponsor.

Who should attend?
The workshop is designed for scientists, technicians on the shop floor, engineers, equipment manufacturers, and operational managers concerned with accurate and precise measurement whether in research, development, or manufacturing applications. Conference
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These issues are of increasing importance in a global marketplace for improving competitiveness and the interoperability and compatibility of manufactured goods.

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