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NACMA Annual Workshop and Conference
August 4-6, 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Conference Summary

The annual NACMA 2010 Workshop and Conference was held at the Medtronic Rice Creek Campus. This years conference had over 225 attendees and 21 Sponsors making this 4th event by far the largest.

The 2011 Workshop and Conference will be held in Canada with details provided in the upcoming months.

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Workshop and Conference
2010 Sponsors
Platinum Level Sponsor
Gold Level Sponsor
Medtronic Ultra Machining Company
Silver Level Sponsor
 Optical Gaging Products Hexagon Metrology
Faro Zeiss
 Optical Gaging Products Precision Environments
Renishaw Nikon
 IBS Precision Engineering Heidenhain
Metrosage WEC
NACMA Sponsor
Lowell Kotem
Professional Instruments Helmel Engineering
IIGDT Marten Machining Inc.
You are cordially invited to participate in the 2010 North American Coordinate Metrology Association (NACMA)* annual workshop on August 4, 5, & 6 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are very pleased to announce that Medtronic Inc. will be our host for the event.

This internationally recognized annual workshop, in its 16th year, will offer presentations given by renowned metrology experts from around the world. Lectures will cover basic subjects in coordinate metrology including probing, GD&T, CMM–CAD integration and laser scanning, and address recent developments in instrumentation, standards and procedures.

The workshop is designed for scientists, technicians on the shop floor, engineers, equipment manufacturers, and operational managers concerned with accurate and precise measurement whether in research, development, or manufacturing applications. These issues are of increasing importance in a global marketplace for improving competitiveness and the interoperability and compatibility of manufactured goods.

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North American Coordinate Metrology Association
In 2007, the Association for Coordinate Metrology Canada (ACMC), inaugurated by NRC dimensional metrologists in 1995, became the North American Coordinate Metrology Association (NACMA) with the chair and the venue rotating among Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

The NACMA specifically addresses coordinate metrology through workshops and conferences each year, providing one of the largest annual meetings for dimensional metrologists.

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The 2010 NACMA officers are members of national laboratories and industry leaders:
  CENAM Centro Nacional de Metrología (CENAM),
  IIGDT International Institute of Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (IIGDT),
  Kotem Technologies Kotem Technologies Inc.,
  NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST),

The views expressed at the NACMA 2010 conference are not those of Medtronic Inc. and may not reflect the official policy or position of Medtronic Inc. Additionally, the hosting of this conference does not constitute endorsement of any participant by Medtronic Inc. Medtronic Inc. serves as host to the NACMA 2010 conference to fulfill its corporate obligation as a facilitator to the exchange and debate of ideas and information.