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University IconIIGDT understands this same philosophy can easily be applied to the process chain. Every company has a chain of teams depending on each other to make the end product a success. When each team is on a different page, or sometimes even a different book altogether, it becomes impossible to create a high quality, properly functioning piece of equipment. The bottom line is dependent on everyone speaking, and more importantly understanding, the same language. This is where IIGDT comes in. All the guesswork and assumptions are removed, and through the trainings implemented by Dr. Hetland your company can finally synchronize its efforts in understanding the proper interpretation or intent of GD&T.

Educated and ConfusedEducated and confused...it's a sad fact; education in manufacturing no longer addresses GD&T. For those who may have taken a class on it along the way, typically 95% of the individuals have not applied that knowledge for some time, or were taught to a previous version of the standard, or were taught less than optimum methods. In most instances the individuals that have attempted to apply GD&T in some manner have done it incorrectly, which has caused parts to be rejected that actually still work or parts to be accepted that actually will not work. Even those that feel they were proficient in GD&T have been more than surprised at the depth of knowledge they did not have on the subject and that many things they were previously doing were wrong.

8-TracksThis is the motivation behind Dr. Hetland's 8 Tracks to GD&T Expertise. His series of trainings removes any ambiguities your process chain may have, creating a clarity of knowledge across the process chain. Once everyone has a full understanding of GD&T, your team will create products as intended, saving your company time and money while providing customer satisfaction.

Educated and ConfusedDr. Hetland brings to your organization 35+ years of GD&T and metrology experience. Tolerances are becoming tighter throughout the world as products evolve into smaller and more complex designs. To optimize your return on investment it is essential we ensure all our technical disciplines have the critical skill-sets to perform their job's at an optimal level. This brings natural changes to the business model.

Designers must precisely specify design requirements; manufacturing must precisely interpret and apply these requirements optimally to achieve cost effective processes, and the Metrologist must interpret the correct meaning of GD&T when validating your manufactured products. Understanding how to extract the correct measurement values in practice leads to a sound and reliable understanding if the products meet the Design and Intent of the designer.

Metrology is an evolving science. Simple point-to-point and hard gauged practices so widely prevalent in today's inspection departments do not sufficiently explains the question "Is it in spec?" When working on complex components with tolerances being reduced we must now evaluate the product and our process at the same time. Standards such as ASME B89.7, Measurement Uncertainty are just one of the tools in which the Metrologist must be proficient.

Dr. Hetland has been instrumental in bringing standards, such as B89.7, into practice in companies throughout the world. Dr. Hetland has been the Chairman of the B89.7 Committee for fourteen years, and was instrumental in the development of the standard (see Affiliations).

GD&T In-house & Public Training Seminars
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IIGDT has developed a multi-step Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Seminar Series built upon years of proven experience in training new users in the fundamental to advanced topics of GD&T.

IIGDT seminars are taught at companies around the world. To receive a proposal for training at one or more of your facilities, visit our Request Information page.

IIGDT's Public Seminar Series are provided throughout the world where the importance of GD&T built into your products are required. Visit our GD&T Seminar Schedule Page for a current listing of our Seminar dates.

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