Januaray 2012 Newsletter Title
Quality Mag

Inertial Sensor Components Achieving Higher Mechanical Precision with

Profile Tolerancing

by Dr. Greg Hetland, International Institute of GD&T
& Dan Goldman, Honeywell International

Quote Today's design, manufacturing and quality engineers are faced with the seemingly impossible task of clearly communicating the increasing complexity of surface geometries. The challenge is heightened by the simultaneous reduction in feature tolerances needed to meet reduced size, weight, cost, and time to market targets. These trends are driving the need for unprecedented precision in all technical disciplines. Precision GD&T featuring the use of profile tolerancing is emerging as the key solution for dimensioning and tolerancing practices for mechanical and electro-mechanical components and assemblies. Quote

Dr. Hetland invites you to read the full article published in Quality Magazine, December 2011. A wide range of topics have been presented with insightful and educational descriptions.

  • International Design Standards
  • Risk to Industry
  • Product Development Cycle
  • Implications to Industry
  • Robust Solution using Profile Tolerancing as Precision GD&T Solution
  • Broader Evaluation of Small Arc Segments
  • Compliance Issues
  • and more...

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