March 2011 Newsletter Title

In 2012 IIGDT is expanding into regional training centers in North Dakota, California and the home base in Minneapolis.

GD&T—Intermediate Principles, North Dakota

Intro to Mechanical Drawings & GD&T, Minnesota
GD&T Intermediate Principles, Minnesota
GD&T Advanced Applications, Minnesota, North Dakota


Executive Overview, California
GD&T Intermediate Principles, California
GD&T Advanced Applications, California
GD&T Tol. Optimization & Analysis, Minnesota

These courses are the foundation to understanding and implementing GD&T throughout the job function starting with design through acceptance in inspection. Add to that the importance of manufacturing being a new global presence and you can understand the importance of speaking the same GD&T language.

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Do you have a business relationship
outside the US?
Production Chain Bringing your suppliers into the GD&T fold is a valuable tool for any company that reaches beyond its border for products and services. When everyone in the production chain is speaking GD&T with the same understanding and intent, problems just become easier to identify and correct.

Looking for information on bringing suppliers along through GD&T training or to provide in-house training programs?

Drop us a note requesting information here.

Production Chain
IIGDT has added several new dates for the informative GD&T Series!
IIGDT has developed the simplified GD&T Series built upon years of proven experience in training new users in the fundamental to advanced topics. Whether you are new, or an experienced user of GD&T, there is a Seminar level designed for you.
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