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November 28 through December 7, 2011 IIGDT is again collaborating with GATRAD Cal-Test Laboratories and Research located in India to expand on the successful Executive Overview Seminar Series held in August and September of 2011. This series was attended by 90 individuals representing 45 companies and highlighted the importance of having everyone speaking the same GD&T language.

The next step in the 8-Tracks to GD&T Expertise program is to collaborate the Mechanical Drawing and it's intent of applying GD&T. Followed with GD&T - Intermediate Principles Seminar that provides a foundation for the understanding, and interpretation, of mechanical drawings using linear tolerancing and GD&T in the design, manufacture and inspection of parts.

Do you have a business relationship in India?
Production Chain Bringing your suppliers into the GD&T fold is a valuable tool for any company that reaches beyond its border for products and services. When everyone in the production chain is speaking GD&T with the same understanding and intent, problems just become easier to identify and correct.

Common Training through the 8-Tracks to GD&T Expertise is one way to bridge the gap between intent and interpretation, of Executive and Inspector, of Designer and Manufacturer. The core objectives of this training initiative is targeted to solidify knowledge in Fundamental to Advanced levels of GD&T per the ASME Y14.5 Standard and to provide increased competencies to support optimization of namagement, purchasing, designing, manufacturing processes and measurement methodologies.

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Seminar Series 
IIGDT has added several new dates for the informative GD&T Series!
IIGDT has developed the simplified GD&T Series built upon years of proven experience in training new users in the fundamental to advanced topics. Whether you are new, or an experienced user of GD&T, there is a Seminar level designed for you.


Precision GD&T “Tolerancing Optimization & Analysis 

IIGDT has developed a training track to address weak points in the process chain. We call it Eight Tracks to GD&T Expertise.

Understanding the proper interpretation or intent of GD&T is not equally shared in all disciplines of the process chain. This starts at management and moves down through design, engineering, manufacturing to inspection. We all assume we know GD&T, but the doors of knowledge are closed through non-participation and assumptions.

To get a better understanding of this new and exciting program, visit the 8-Tracks to GD&T Expertise.

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