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February 2010   Edition 2010.1

IIGDT visits Bologna, Italy

January 11-15, 2010 IIGDT provided GD&T training in collaboration with CIMA and local industries. The seminar was held over 4.5-days in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy.
IIGDT Bridges the GD&T gap.
GD&T Seminar Wrap-Up
The initial launch of IIGDT's "Combined GD&T Course" in Bologna, Italy was a huge success with multiple companies attending. While the core training was based on the ASME Y14.5 Standard there was a critical need to clarify technical differences between the many standards used by the various companies. Within one company alone there were multiple standards used with the perception that all of them mean the same thing, which is significantly incorrect.

Some of the standards specified on engineering drawings were: ANSI/ASME (American), UNI/EN (Italian), BS (British), DIN (German), MT (Microtechnica) and ISO (European) only to name a few. It’s critical that everyone understand that even the definition of a “Feature of Size” is different between these standards. Similarly, other geometric symbols such as Concentricity, Symmetry and Profile of a Line/Surface, etc. are not defined unilaterally between standards.

Every student was caught off guard to learn that their long-practiced understanding of the derived tolerance zone based on plus/minus tolerance was being interpreted incorrectly. While demonstrating this, it became clear to all students why disagreements within their company often extended to the customer and suppliers.

A common theme of the feedback at the end of the class was that this training provided a foundational knowledge to all participates that will help them with their day-to-day activities and allow improved efficiencies.

The end result of this training provided a sound basis for all participants to understand that optimized application of GD&T will allow designers to increase feature tolerances and will result in lower manufacturing and inspection costs as well as reduced lead time to market. It is the misapplication and misinterpretation of GD&T that increases manufacturing and inspection costs and increases lead time to market.

IIGDT looks forward to future opportunities to teach in Italy. If companies have an interest in training at their facility they should contact IIGDT for a proposal.

Greg Hetland
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