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December 2009   Edition 2009.5

IIGDT Bridges the information gap...

January 11-15, 2010 IIGDT is collaborating with CIMA in Italy to provide a unique opportunity for you and your European suppliers by offering a 4.5-day GD&T Seminar in Bologna, Italy.
IIGDT Bridges the GD&T gap.
Training will be provided utilizing IIGDT’s “Combined GD&T Course” which represents our “GD&T - Introduction & Fundamental Principles” course and our “GD&T - Advanced Applications & Analysis” course.

This training will also highlight differences between the dimensioning and tolerancing standards in Italy and surrounding countries that many of the participants have more than likely been trained to so there is a clear understanding of the interpretation and application of practices defined per your company standards.

In addition, we will solidify this baseline knowledge within each individual by reviewing and analyzing specific drawings to identify opportunities for optimization of physical design definition and functional tolerance allocation which will reflect maximization of manufacturing flexibility and minimization of measurement uncertainty. Specifically, we will “identify and correct” current drawing callouts that do not represent optimum functional intent and also reflects negative financial implications to your operation.

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Supplier Precision GD&T Training...
Supply Chain

IIGDT realizes that the information chain between you and your suppliers often cross time zones and even continents. These distances result in barriers to reaching the same goal—Manufacturing Success!

Through IIGDT designed Precision GD&T Seminars all links in the chain will speak and interpret the same language.

The Problem...
Your intent...their interpretation often are two separate challenges derived from reading the same product specification. The result is the delivery of product does not work and loss production and profit is the result.

Who wins the blame game? Nobody! The challenge is to find a common interpretation of the specifications. This can only be done by identifying the weak link in the information chain and develop a plan to build the link stronger.

Common Training is one way to bridge the gap between intent and interpretation. The core objectives of this training initiative is targeted to solidify knowledge in Fundamental to Advanced levels of GD&T per the ASME Y14.5 Standard and to provide increased competencies to support optimization of designs, manufacturing processes and measurement methodologies.
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2010 Seminars:

Take advantage of our GD&T 2010 Seminars throughout the USA and the world. Seminars are scheduled in:

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Chicago, IL
Santa Clara, CA

with more locations to follow...

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