International Institute of
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
July 2009   Edition 2009.1

GD&T Font v4

ASME Y14.5, ISO 1101 and QS-9000 Compliant
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Symbol Font
Sample GD&T Symbols
Sample QS-9000 Symbols
  • Helps you create better-looking, professional-grade documents using real GD&T and QS-9000 symbols instead of letter codes and abbreviations
  • Makes it easy for you to accurately convey GD&T tolerancing requirements, features, critical characteristics, and safety symbols
  • Works on both Windows and Macintosh computers (Macintosh font files are also included)
  • Entering symbols with your mouse or keyboard instead of creating them in a drawing program saves time and provides consistent appearance
IIGDT/CyberMetrics GD&T Font is a professionally designed, affordably priced font developed for creating ANSI/ASME/ISO GD&T symbols and feature control frames. You can even create composite feature control frames—and QS-9000 critical characteristics and safety symbols.
Use the GD&T font in all of your important documents:

CAD Drawings


Control Plans

Work Instructions

SPC Charts






Quality Manuals

Flow Diagrams


...and more

  • Easy to install, simple to use Windows TrueType font
  • PostScript font provided for use in professionally printed documents
  • Includes symbols used in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Special characters make it easy to create composite feature control frames
  • Surface finish symbols
  • QS-9000 critical characteristic and safety symbols
  • Letters, numbers, and other useful drafting symbols
  • Professionally designed to comply with ASME Y14.5M-1994 and QS-9000 requirements
  • Carefully crafted to provide optimal results even at very small or large point sizes
  • Can be used with any printer that supports TrueType fonts
  • Works exactly like other Windows symbol fonts with your existing software
GD&T Font:
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