International Institute of
Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
September 2009   Edition 2009.2

GD&T Wall Chart

ASME Y14.5M—Compliant
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Wall Chart
GD&T Chart
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  • The GD&T Wall Chart illustrates the geometric symbols referenced in the ASME Y14.5M Dimensioning and Tolerancing.
  • Each symbol is shown with expanded help and application notes providing a complete quick reference guide. Developed by Dr. Greg Hetland, this guide has been widely used in industry and can be found in many companies across the world.

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The IIGDT GD&T Wall Chart provides you with the information needed to identify and apply GD&T in your work environment. Whether designing, manufacturing or inspection this quick reference chart is there to help.
The GD&T Wall Chart is divided into clear and concise sections:
  • Feature Categories

  • Tolerance Type

  • ASME Symbol

  • Drawing Callout Example

  • Drawing Callout Meaning

  • Manual or Functional Gaging Method

  • Pictorial View

  • Tolerance Zone Definition (for example)

  • Zone Modifiers Allowed

  • Datums Used

  • Additional Comments


Easy to locate and interpret by providing illustrations of all the GD&T symbols along with clear and concise examples and definitions. These proven symbols are now the only ones needed to design, tool, manufacture and measure components and assemblies while complementing the highest of quality systems.

The chart is a compliment to the GD&T Training manuals also provided by IIGDT. These manuals describe in greater detail the interpretation and application of GD&T.

Basic Blueprint Blueprint Reading: "Visual Interpretation"

The Blueprint Reading Manual should be a basic companion in every toolbox. Designed to strengthen your knowledge of blueprint interpretations.

View Details, click here.

Introduction  Precision GD&T: Introduction & Fundamental Principles

The GD&T Introduction Manual provides the foundation to a better understanding and interpretation of GD&T principles. This manual is a precursor to the GD&T Advanced course.

View Details, click here.

Advanced Applications & Analysis  Precision GD&T: Advanced Applications & Analysis

The GD&T Advanced Manual builds on the foundation provided in GD&T Introduction. Adding analysis of the interpretation of GD&T commonly found in industry.

View Details, click here.

Fundamental Priciples to Advanced Applications & Analysis  Precision GD&T:
Intermediate & Advanced Combined Manual

This product combines Level 2, Intermediate and Level 3, Advanced GD&T into one concise manual.

View Details, click here.
GD&T Chart:
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