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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing
Are you asking the right questions?

Questions to Ask Your Engineering Team?

  • Do we have engineering drawings which do not optimally represent functional design intent?
  • Do we continue to have multiple revisions to engineering drawings which impact all departments and delay time to market and time to invoice?
  • Do we have daily inefficiencies with employees not trained adequately to "optimally" do their job tasks?
  • Do we have ongoing confusion and costly reactions by design, manufacturing and quality due to invalid or questionable measurement results?
  • Do we have challenges in meeting statistical capability expectations (Cpk)?
  • Are we rejecting parts that work or accepting parts that do not work?

Asking the right questions ensures that everyone in the engineering team understands the full implication to the process chain of their actions. Understanding the proper interpretation or intent of GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing) is not equally shared. This starts at management and moves down through design, engineering, manufacturing to inspection. We all assume we know GD&T, but the doors of knowledge are closed through non-participation and assumptions.

Education in engineering and manufacturing addresses GD&T on a very limited basis. Engineers, manufacturing and inspectors often take a quick one-day course and they are expected to be masters of the GD&T universe: Very disheartening.

When your engineering team has a full understanding of GD&T your products can be manufactured, assembled and inspected as intended. There will be no ambiguity only true clarity.

Dr. Hetland provides informative seminars and in-house training programs not only to bring the Quality Control inspection process to a full understanding of GD&T, but also to the engineers where the design intent must be clear and unambigious.

Contact Dr. Hetland to discuss bringing these training programs into your house.

What our Customers are saying...

The success of IIGDT is built on Dr. Hetland's 35+ years of proven experience. Dr. Hetland has developed a unified approach to bridge the gap between Design, Manufacturing and Metrology. The bottom-line goal is to build upon the concept of proper Design Intent to improve your cost of business through greater efficiency in engineering, manufacturing, and improved quality.

And our customers agree.

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